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Tips For Booking The Right Wine Tour

If you're vacationing in a region known for its wine, taking a wine tour is a must. A great wine tour is sure to be the highlight of your trip as long as you do your research and book the right wine tour for your group. Most wine regions have a number of companies that offer wine tours, so you will need to take the time to narrow down your options and determine which tour offers exactly what you are looking for. With the proper planning, you are sure to book a wine tour that everyone will love. Use the following tips when booking a wine tour during your vacation.

Time of Year

If you are traveling during the summer or fall, it is important to note that this is a high peak season in many wine regions. Thus, there will be more tourists and visitors during this time.

The plus side is that visiting a wine region during the summer or fall will bring very nice weather, and wineries look beautiful at these times of the year. However, you may want to adjust your plans when booking a wine tour during peak season. Opting for a tour that starts earlier in the day or in the afternoon can help you avoid some of the crowds. 


Since you will be tasting a lot of wine during a wine tour, it is important to have a designated driver. This is why many companies that offer wine tours include transportation in their prices.

Having transportation for the tour completely arranged in advance will make the entire day much more enjoyable. Always find out what kind of vehicle is used during a wine tour. You may spend a good amount of time in the vehicle while driving from one vineyard to another, so you make sure that the transportation provided is comfortable and ample room for your group.

Know What is Included

Before you decide to book a wine tour, always know exactly what is included in the price of the tour. Some wine tours may visit two vineyards, while another tour may visit three or more. One tour company may include extras in the price of their tour, such as appetizers at one vineyard and lunch at another, which can make the price of the tour a great value.

When you know exactly what a wine tour includes, it makes it easier to compare your options and select the right one for your group. For more information, contact a company such as Ambassador Limousine.