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Make Your Tour Guide's Job Easier And Reap The Rewards

When on a tour, your guide is one of your greatest assets. How can you make their job easier and gain extra benefits for you and your family? Here are a few key tips to take good care of your tour guide.

1. Be Engaged

Tour guides do have a great deal of information to impart, and much of it will be something they've explained to many other groups. But the more you demonstrate that you are engaged in what the guide is showing you and the stories they are telling, the more personalized your tour will become. Ask questions and respond when the guide asks for input. This lets them tailor their presentations to your interests and will make the work more fun for the guide.

2. Corral the Kids

If you have little ones on the tour, keep an eye on how they are behaving and interacting with the guide. A tour guide won't be able to give your family and others the customized and thorough tour you deserve if they have to be overly concerned with the kids. Encourage children to interact with the guide and ask questions, but make sure they share the guide's time with others and don't hinder the conversations.

3. Respect Their Needs

Being a tour guide is a lot of work at times. Even though the guide probably enjoys their role, they also need a little time off occasionally. Try not to bother them while eating or handling some business or personal matters. Avoid interrupting them. And don't distract the guide when they're navigating a particularly challenging aspect, such as coordinating group entry to a site or making sure everyone is safely strapped in. 

4. Be Kind to the Group

When you respect your fellow group members, you make the guide's job easier too. Ask your questions while allowing time and attention for the other tour members too. Limit special requests or accommodations to only the most important. Be on time — or better yet, a little early. Help older passengers get on and off transportation. Look after one another's belongings. And try to keep an eye out for missing, lost, or confused group members. Small kindnesses to the team will help your guide focus on their job and might even make you some new friends.

By taking into consideration how you can be a great tour group member, you'll not only make your guide happier but also get a better experience for your money.