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Planning A Company Potluck For The Holidays? 3 Tips For Selecting The Right Venue

When you're in charge of planning a company party, it's on you to find a venue that's going to be a great match for the event. When the party is for a company potluck during the holidays, you need to make sure that the venue you choose is going to be accommodating for your needs.

Instead of choosing just any venue, you need to take care to choose a place that's going to be fitting for everyone bringing a dish and the kind of atmosphere a potluck will have.

Consider the Size for the Event

The first thing you want to consider is just how many guests you're expecting. Along with some of the employees from your company, you likely need to expect their partners and children to come as well. Some company potlucks may also allow extra friends, quickly increasing the number of people coming to the potluck. Considering if you want any other events, such as games or dancing, can also help contribute towards deciding on a venue size that's going to be a great match.

Keep Costs Reasonable

When you begin contacting different event venues, you'll be able to request a quote for the number of guests that you'll be having and the date of the potluck. By having this information on hand, it should be much easier for you to contact more venues and begin narrowing them down based on their prices that they're quoting. This can help you feel much more comfortable with how much you end up spending and making sure that the venue is going to be a great match for your company.

Check Any Food Policies

Another thing you want to look into with so many different venues is whether they're going to be a good match for a potluck in the first place. Since some venues have strict restrictions over which food vendors you can use, they may not allow guests to bring their own food, making them not an option for a potluck. Taking care to check the food policies of different venues, and considering how much food will be brought along, and determining whether dishes will need to be heated up at the venue can help you find a much better choice.

As you get ready to select a venue for the company potluck, it should be much easier for you to narrow them down by following some of the above tips. This way you won't end up with a venue that's going to be a poor match for potluck dining.