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Going On Vacation Near Water? Take A River Rafting Trip For Some Excitement

If you are going on vacation and will be near water, you should consider going river rafting. This can be excited for both you and anyone else that goes with you. Below is some information about river rafting so you can be prepared when you go.


If it is warm outside, wear a bathing suit under your clothing. Choose water shoes or river sandals. These shoes are made specifically for water and will give you extra grip that you need. Never wear something like flip flops or other types of loose shoes or you will lose them and also may lose your balance. Wear a t-shirt with a pair of shorts. Wear a helmet on your head for protection but make sure the helmet fits you well, so it does not come off your head easily.

Bring a towel along with you as well as a set of dry clothing and a pair of dry socks and shoes or sandals. If you have hired a company to take you river rafting, there may be hot showers waiting for you when you get back from your trip.

Life Jacket

You need to have a life jacket on any time you are in the boat going down the river. If you have hired a company to take you river rafting, they will likely require you to wear a life jacket.

When you purchase a life jacket make sure it fits you well. Also, make sure you know how to wear it correctly. The life jacket should not be loose, or it could come off if you fall into the water. All buckles should always be clipped correctly. Ask your river rafting guide to check your life jacket after you put it on to ensure it fits correctly. The guide can also give you tips on purchasing a life jacket.


You should hire a professional guide to teach you how to river raft. This is because there is much to this that you may not realize. For example, you must know how to use the paddles. If not held correctly you could lose them. You also need to understand how to sit in the boat and learn tips on swimming in the right way in case you do fall out of the boat. Swimming in a river is much different than swimming in a swimming pool.

Some river rafting companies will give short lessons right before the trip, while others will give you lessons a few days before you go, which will allow you to learn even more.

The river rafting guide can tell you more information so you can have a great time on your trip.