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4 Tips For Navigating Hotel Parking

When it comes to a large resort or a hotel in a larger city, parking on the property can seem like a nightmare, but it doesn't have to be. Whether you're an avid traveler or a novice, learn about some of the parking tips that can help you save money and minimize stress.

1. Don't Be Lured Away by Costs

In busy tourist areas, it's not uncommon to see alternative parking lots located near hotels. To lure guests to park, these lots will typically offer parking at a lower rate than the hotel. However, cheaper doesn't mean better. Unlike hotel lots, many of these properties are not protected and walking across a busy street with luggage is not nearly as convenient as simply walking across the lot on the property.

2. Think About the Convenience of Valet

Yes, valet does typically come at a greater cost than self-parking, but the extra investment is often worth it. With very large hotels, their parking lots are often equally as large. On a hot day or during a rainstorm, having your car delivered to the front door is much better than walking to the back of the lot. When you rely on valet, you can also avoid the hassle of searching for a parking space, which can be a challenge during periods of heavy travel. 

3. Check Your Rewards Program

To save money on your parking, make sure you check your rewards program. Just about all major hotel chains have loyalty programs. Depending on your status you might qualify to have a percentage taken off your daily parking cost, a members-only parking rate, or even have your parking fees waived altogether. You won't know what the property offers until you ask, so make sure you bring up the topic. 

4. Plan Your Days Wisely

If parking is limited, learn how to plan your days so that finding a parking space is less of a hassle. Assume you wanted to visit a destination on the other side of the city and visit some of the shops near the hotel in one day, for instance. It makes more sense to visit the destination that is further away earlier in the day so that you could return and park at your hotel before most of the other guests arrive back during late afternoon or evening. You could then walk to the shops around the property and not worry about losing your parking space.

Every place is different when it comes to their hotel parking options. Be sure to contact the property where you plan to visit to get all of the details about their options so that you can make the best of these tips.