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Renew Your Vows On A Dinner Cruise: Start Planning Early

From the day you and your partner exchanged vows, you've undoubtedly found yourself amid some bumpy waters. However, with love and perseverance, you've sailed through smoothly. What more fitting of a way to renew your vows than to do so on a dinner cruise? Whether it's your first anniversary or fortieth, here are some tips to help you plan.

Contact the Charter Company to Select a Date

Before you start spreading the word about your vow renewal ceremony, you'll want to contact the charter company ahead of time. There could be another party booked for the date you had in mind. Some charter companies blackout dates for private events during busy periods, as well. 

No matter the issue, the charter company will have a master calendar and can let you know if your first request is available, and if not, work with you to get as close a date as possible. When you talk to the company beforehand, you don't have to worry about giving someone a date that you'll later have to change.

Send Out Invites Early

Dinner cruises set sail later in the evening. Generally, events that start around this time of the day are more formal. If you want to continue with this idea and have a more formal ceremony and reception, you'll want to let your guests know ahead of time. 

After all, not every person has a nice suit or fancy dress just waiting in the back of the closest. Early planning gives everyone more time to prepare. However, keep in mind, you can set up your event in any way you'd like, so if you don't want to have a formal event you don't have to.

Think About Special Landmarks

If your ceremony will take place during a warmer month and you plan to have it outside, think about whether or not you want any special landmarks in the backdrop. For example, for a dinner cruise in New York City, a couple might want to have the Freedom Tower in the backdrop of their pictures. 

You'll need to let the charter company know this information ahead of time should you have a special landmark in mind, so that they can plan accordingly and to verify that the company has the proper permitting, as travel to some locations requires special permission. 

Dinner cruises provide an awesome backdrop and a romantic atmosphere. Get started on your plans for a memorable vow renewal ceremony.