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Tips For A Great Bourbon Tour

Whether you love bourbon whiskey already or would simply like to learn more about it, embarking on a bourbon tour is the perfect way to get started. Usually, these bourbon tours take you to a couple of different distilleries, where you can sip and sample various bourbons while learning more about each one from a guide. But how do you get the most out of this excursion and ensure you have a good experience? Follow the tips below.

Review the bourbon-making process before you go.

At one of the bourbon distilleries, you will typically get an overview of how bourbon is made. You'll be shown a still, the barrels the bourbon is aged in, and so forth. If the tour is your first time hearing about this process, then you may have trouble following along while also spending ample time focusing on and observing your surroundings. For this reason, it can be helpful to review the basics of the bourbon-making process before you go. Watch a video or read a couple of articles so what you hear does not sound brand-new.

Stick to three or four distilleries.

When selecting tours, look for one that visits three or four distilleries, at most. If you pick a tour that is much longer than this, two things will happen. First, you won't get to spend as much time at each distillery, so the tour will feel more rushed. Second, you'll be pretty tipsy by the time you reach the last few distilleries, so your tastes won't be as accurate.

Opt for a guided tasting.

If given the chance between a standard tasting and a guided tasting, definitely opt for the guided tasting. This is when your tour guide or a distillery employee will walk through the tasting with you, instructing you how to sip the bourbon properly, detect its different nuances, and determine what you like and do not like in a whiskey. With a guided tasting, you really learn to refine your palate over time. Do a few of them, and you'll become a much more educated bourbon drinker throughout your tour experience. If you think you do not like bourbon, a couple of guided tastings might change your mind.

Bourbon tours can be fun experiences with friends and family members. Sign up for one soon, follow the tips above, and start looking forward to a fun day of tasting and enjoying bourbon.