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Why It's A Good Idea To Hire A Vacation Planner For Your Trip To Disney

Many people dream of one day taking a trip to Disney World, and when that day comes, it's hard to contain your excitement. But before you start booking hotel rooms and buying tickets, you should consider an alternative approach to your Disney vacation: hiring a vacation planner. Here are a few benefits of leaving the planning to the pros:

1. They can arrange your itinerary in the most efficient way

Disney World and its many parks are quite spread out. If you do not plan your vacation carefully, it is very easy to accidentally spend way too much time traveling. A vacation planner will know where everything is and how long it takes to get from Point A to Point B, so they can make sure your vacation follows a schedule that won't have you sitting on a bus two hours a day.

2. They can recommend the best hotel for your needs and interests

Choosing a hotel at Disney can be really tough. They're spread out all over the place, and each one offers different amenities. If you let your vacation planner know the size of your family, everyone's ages, and the top parks you would like to spend the most time in, they can recommend the best hotels for your needs. This can save you hours of sorting through hotel information and ensure you don't end up staying somewhere unsuitable.

3. They can take advantage of the best discounts

There are often discounts available that can make Disney tickets more affordable. For instance, you might get free admission to a third park if you buy tickets to two of them prior to a certain date. A Disney vacation planner will know about all the best discounts so they can take advantage of them for you. Even with the added cost of hiring a vacation planner, your trip will likely cost less in the end for this reason.

4. They'll schedule your flights for good arrival times

You probably don't want to arrive at Disney at 10 pm or 7 am. But finding flights with good arrival times can be tough since everyone wants those times. A Disney vacation planner may have access to flights that are already sold out to the general public so you can arrive at a time that is convenient for hotel check-in and everything else.

Hiring a vacation planner is often the best way to plan a Disney vacation. If you're ready to start the fun, reach out to a local Disney vacation planner.