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5 Tips To Ensure Your Wine Tour Is All About The Wine

A wine tour should be an enchanting experience that focuses your senses and your mind on the wines you learn about and enjoy. One way to ensure that this is what actually happens is to know how to prepare for your wine tasting experience. What might you do to make the most of your day? Here are a few tips. 

1. Dress in Layers

Wine tours can include a variety of temperature and weather changes. Many parts of a winery are kept at lower temperatures, for instance, while outdoor walks might be held in the afternoon sun. On the other hand, outdoor weather can be comfortable or it can be cold and rainy. Bring along comfortable, layered clothing so you aren't distracted by shivering or sweating. 

2. Avoid Perfumes

Wine tasting etiquette frowns on the use of perfumes and scents. Why? For one thing, strong scents interfere with the natural, subtle smells of the wine itself. Because a wine's aroma is part of its experience, this will cause you to lose out on some of its value. In addition, you'll likely be around other guests who may not enjoy your heavy perfume as much as you do and who might lose out as well. 

3. Eat Appropriately First

Plan a light meal before embarking on a wine tour. Even if the tour will include snacks, don't count on this to provide enough in your stomach to avoid intoxication. You can focus more on the wines when you're not thinking about what's for dinner. However, don't eat a huge, heavy meal that weighs you down or makes you uncomfortable later. 

4. Skip Most Makeup

While you want to look nice on a wine tour, don't go overboard on makeup. Heavy lipsticks and flavored chapstick will alter how you taste the wines. Even makeup that carries its own scents will fill your nose along with the wine aromas and throw off the result. Make it a light makeup day and stay hydrated with water rather than using a lot of lip balm. 

5. Learn About the Wines

Do a little light research before you tour a wine region. Familiarizing yourself with the area's history, its grapes, major wineries, and featured vintages will help you find your guides' talks more interesting and informative. And if you're new to wine, try to learn a few basics so you have more context for your tasting experience. 

Want more tips for preparing for your wine tasting tour? Start by speaking with a wine tour service, such as Napa Valley SUV, in your destination area. With their guidance and your own preparation, you will enjoy a wine-centric day without distractions.