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Should You Join An RV Camping Club?

Do you own a recreational vehicle (RV) and enjoy camping at various locations throughout the year? If so, you should consider joining a camping club to take advantage of the multiple benefits they provide their members. While no two camping clubs are the same, there are certain perks that most of them offer. 

You will most likely enjoy the following five benefits if you join an RV camping club: 

1. Access to a Network of Camping Locations

One of the biggest problems of traveling the country in your RV is finding an ideal place to park it during your journey. Joining a camping club will give you access to many camping locations. You can usually log into your account on your club's website, see what sites have vacancies, and choose one nearby. 

Many non-club camping sites will require you to make reservations, check-in at certain times, etc.; however, you will have more flexibility at places you book through a camping club. You might be able to reserve a spot and check-in online, although it will depend on each location and which club you join. 

2. High-Quality Locations

A good camping club will give you access to some of the best camping locations in the country. They will handpick places with great amenities, impressive scenery, and everything you'll need for a pleasant stay. You risk ending up at a less-than-desirable location when you're not a camping club member and stay at whatever place you stumble upon. 

3. Discounted Camping Prices

The best part of camping club memberships is that they allow you to pay a discounted price when staying at one of their locations. If you camp often, this will save you a lot of money. Most clubs offer even more substantial discounts during non-peak staying times, such as in the middle of the week. 

4. Other Discounts

You must do the proper research to determine each club's specific discounts. However, many of them offer discounts on things other than campsites. For example, some will let you buy items related to your RV at lower costs, such as tires, gas, camping gear, etc. 

5. Getting to Know Other Club Members

You will meet other members as you travel to different locations throughout your club's network. It's a great way to meet like-minded people, and you might even run into them again somewhere along your journey. 

For more information, you can turn to a company such as Wandering Individuals Network (WIN).