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Self-Guided Walking Tours—A Custom Approach To Visiting Historical Points Of Interest

A walking tour app provides a viable way to create a self-guided tour that is based on your interests. Download a tour app and use the app's map to plan each destination that you will be visiting.

A Flexible Walking Tour

A walking tour app offers flexibility. The use of an app will provide full control over how far you will need to walk during a planned outing. A walking tour app will help you gauge how long it will take to walk to each point of interest. An app will include as many destinations as you want to visit during your walk. You will be furnished with concise directions to each point of interest. The names of the streets and venues that surround a particular destination will be clearly marked on the app's map.

Audio During Each Stop

A custom tour can include visiting historical landmarks and venues within a city. Once you arrive at your destination city, review some of the popular tourist attractions that are outlined on a walking tour app.

During the walking tour, refer to the app as you head to each point of interest. Prerecorded commentary that is featured on an app will provide you with historical facts and other interesting details that will make your outing educational and interesting. The audio commentary that describes each point of interest can be replayed as often as you like. The commentary that is provided will ensure that you do not miss any important details about a particular destination that you have included in your walking tour.

Organized Travel Plans

A self-guided tour can be enjoyed alone or with other people who are part of your travel group. The time of the year could influence which places you would like to add to a custom outing. If you will be visiting a popular oceanside town, for instance, you may decide to plan a walking tour that includes many outdoor activities. Set up a tour that includes stopping at several historical hotspots that are on the way to a public beach or another destination that you plan on visiting at the end of the walking tour.

If you would like to grab a bite to eat at some point during your tour, use a self-guided tour app's map to help you select a dining venue that is located along the route that you will be following during the walking tour.

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